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The Little Things

Following a creative prompt based on one word, "provocative", I was inspired to design a poster that would confront societal materialism using harsh colors, disorganized graphic elements, and proliferous typography. Towards the end of the project, I modified my idea to have more positive but subtle messaging.


The final posters displayed are meant to be brutal on the eyes at first, representing the overwhelming chaos of existence. However, if studied long enough, one can discover the "little things" in the background that truly bring happiness and satisfaction.

Timeline: 5-6 weeks        Materials/Software: Adobe Illustrator, paper (for earlier iterations)

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A previous idea explored the juxtaposition of chaos and control through astringent color, geometric shapes, and deconstructed typography. The final product was envisioned as more of a sculptural piece consisting of two or three layers of paper with holes cut strategically to reveal the layer beneath.

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Revelation 22:13

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