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Hi there!

I'm Tori, a graphic designer and illustrator based in the rainy Pacific Northwest. I enjoy observing the whimsical and colorful moments of beauty around me and expressing these joys in my work. I also have a heart for projects that examine the deeper issues of living and encourage spiritual, mental, and emotional growth and development.

When I'm not working on art or design, I love caring for my house plants, playing guitar, listening to and composing music, sewing, writing poetry that I'll never share with anyone, folding sonobe units for modular origami, taking pictures of the sky (I have too many to count), making iced matcha lattes with oat milk, watching YouTube videos about weird mathematical theories, improving my cooking skills (a lifelong journey), reading self-help books, playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and more.

Currently, I'm searching for opportunities while also running a shop selling art prints. See my resume here.

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